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What They're Saying About Crafty Screenwriting

Finally, a book about the craft of screenwriting that sweeps away two decades of mystification and cant. From the most elevated artistic concerns to the mundane details of how many brads to bind your script with, Alex Epstein shines the light of common sense and experience on this tricky, delicate, and profitable art. Every page sparkles with wisdom, plain-speaking, and wit. It is my new answer to the dozens of questions I'm asked by new writers eager to get it right: "Read Alex Epstein."

Don Roos, writer/director The Opposite of Sex and Bounce

Alex Epstein brings a screenwriting professional's honesty, skill and expertise to a field otherwise crowded with how-to-write quacks.

John Badham, director Saturday Night Fever, WarGames and Stakeout

This is that rare kind of book about screenwriting which is truly helpful. I recommend it to anyone seriously wanting to write screenplays that get produced. It's full of detailed and no nonsense guidelines about what writers should do to make their scripts better, and about what they must do if they want their scripts to be considered for production. It's a how-to book on how to write not merely a script that shows you off -- but a script that that convinces producers to make it into a movie. It's a book that genuinely wants to help -- and does.

Eleanor Bergstein, screenwriter, Dirty Dancing

I wish more writers knew what makes a script worth producing - not just how to structure a plot and write good dialogue, but how to come up with a story that people want to see on the screen. Crafty Screenwriting explains all of that in a clear and often hilarious way. I hope a lot of writers read this book; then I'll get more screenplays I want to make into movies.

Paul Colichman, producer of Gods and Monsters, Tom and Viv and One False Move.

Crafty Screenwriting is an INVALUABLE TOOL for anyone attempting to penetrate the dangerous thickets of Hollywood, with an idea in their hand and not much else. It is totally impressive how this book somehow gives you under one cover an actual, workable ROAD MAP that if followed with a strict loyalty to your OWN creativity, will guide you through the often terrifying journey of confusion and rejection toward the bright realization of your singular talent!

Henry Jaglom, writer/director of Deja Vu, Always and Eating

Crafty Screenwriting explains what no one else seems to be explaining: how to write a screenplay that's not only a good read, but a good movie project that a producer can make into a good movie. Shrewdly realistic and funny.

Pieter Kroonenburg, producer of The Hotel New Hampshire and To Walk With Lions

This refreshingly undogmatic book crystallizes the knowledge that really skilled screenwriters all have, and lays it out plainly for anyone to absorb. I don't think there are many writers (or producers and executives for that matter) who won't learn a great deal from this book.

Roger Spottiswoode, director of Tomorrow Never Dies, The Sixth Day and And the Band Played On

Finally a book on screenwriting that gets it all right. Over and over again, Epstein names the key points to writing a script that sells. I'm going to pass this thing out like Lifesavers.

Ed Elbert, producer of Anna and the King and The Mighty Quinn.

Crafty Screenwriting [the website] is great. I make a point of rereading it before every draft of every script I write.

Pete McCabe, staff writer, "The West Wing," "Sports Night"

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